The Spacedrum

The Spacedrum« belongs to the Trinidad steeldrum and the Handpan family. It's a french designed melodic metal percussion. Philippe Maignaut & Djoliba are designers with trademark and patent filed. In october 2011 they have created together a company called Metal Sounds dedicated to the making of metal melodic percussions.

The Spacedrum is made for all the percussionists, beginners or experienced, and other musicians looking for new sounds, new types of game or just musical discovery!

It is played with hands or with sticks specifically designed for this instrument. Its dimensions and its ergonomic shape allows to take it everywhere with you, to put it on your own thighs or improvised support, to play outdoor, live or studio.

Since September 2012 with the new generation of Spacedrum, the range is available in 3 versions:

- 6 notes Spacedrum (° 19ö)
- 8 notes Spacedrum (° 21ö)
- 8, 9, 13 notes Spacedrum (° 23ö)

Nota: the number of notes may vary for custom models.

Thanks to these three sizes the Spacedrum is available in pentatonic, diatonic and even chromatic ranges. It is also the first instrument of its kind to propose a complete chromatic scale (13 notes) which permit to play all styles of music in any key.

It is also possible to "create" your own Spacedrum!

By selecting the " Customized Spacedrum " offer you can set yourself an original range and choose one of the three sizes we propose (° 19ö, ° 21" or ° 24").

To practice your instrument, amplifier, or simply protect we offer a range of accessories dedicated to the Spacedrum: sticks, covers, flight cases... These accessories have been designed to bring you the best comfort and to explore all the Spacedrum possibilities.

Note: a rubber profile is around the instrument, over its entire circumference. This profile is removable and serves as a damper. The Spacedrum can be used with or without this accessory according to the type of sound you want to get (muted or bright).

In front of the increasing interest of musicians for this new family of instruments we want to offer a real quality service, responsiveness and advice. To determine which model suits you the best please contact us and trust our experience. Your Spacedrum can be quickly delivered and a repairing/re-tuning service is available for any owner of such instrument (Spacedrum, Hang, Caisa, Halo... All trade marks).

Enjoy your Spacedrumů